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China Jade Seafood Restaurant

375 S Federal Blvd #111, Denver, CO 80219, USA

The China Jade Seafood Restaurant is a popular spot for seafood lovers in Denver. The restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood dishes, including lobster, crab, and shrimp. The restaurant also has a wide variety of Chinese dishes, including General Tso's chicken and Kung Pao shrimp. The China Jade Seafood Restaurant is a great place to enjoy a delicious seafood dinner.

Business Hours

Sunday 10:30am - 9pm

Monday 10:30am - 9pm

Tuesday 10:30am - 9pm

Wednesday 10:30am - 9pm

Thursday 10:30am - 9pm

Friday 10:30am - 9pm

Saturday 10:30am - 9pm

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